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Bodysquared Physiotherapy Services

Body Squared Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation offers first rate Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation for people of all ages and abilities, for a wide range of injuries and ailments.

Whether you’re struggling with a long term injury, have suffered an acute injury or accident, are managing a long term issue, require post operative care or simply require some maintenance hands on treatment then we can help you today.

Body Squared can help you today – we can reduce your pain and get you back doing what you love.. so don’t wait, come and see us today!

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All of our excellent, highly skilled staff have experience treating a huge range of individuals; from elite, professional sportsmen and women to older clients looking for assistance in improving their day to day life We specialise in treating a wide range of issues, including;

  1. Lower Back and Hip Pain
  2. Shoulder Dysfunction and Injury
  3. Neck and Thoracic Pain
  4. Knee Dysfunction including post operative rehabilitation
  5. Sporting injuries, including tenidnopathies and over-use conditions
  6. Postural issues

We offer a wide range of treatments, depending upon client preference and specific injury requirements, these include Deep Tissue Massage, Sport Massage, Joint Mobilisation and Manipulation, Cupping, Acupuncture, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES – utilising the Compex device), Kinesio Taping whilst integrating Strength& Conditioning, Pilates and Yoga principles into exercise therapy as part of your individualised Rehabilitation program.

So why wait up to 16 weeks to see an NHS Physiotherapist, when excellent skilled therapists are available to help you today, at affordable rates in a location near you!

We do understand that some people prefer to receive treatment in their own home, so we are happy to provide home visits when possible.

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We invite you to Book Now (Link to or visit our website (Link to to find out more about us. Please feel free to contact to discuss exactly how we can help you, or call us on our dedicated clinical number 07504217778.

See what some of our clients have said about us:

“I have used Body Squared several times… Every time I have received excellent service and communication” Andrew Dawes

“I used Body Squared for a torn ligament in the foot. They were extremely friendly yet professional…I would definitely recommend this place!” April Kent

“I’ve used Body Squared for a couple of nagging issues and they’ve been brilliant, simple direct advise and treatment which have made the world of difference” Steve Price

“Body Squared were brilliant from start to finish.” Harry McCulloch

We look forward to welcoming you to Body Squared soon!

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